A long time ago, in my previous regeneration, I used to write, and I used to podcast. I mean, I did a whole lot of other things too, like making films and having a beard, but it's the writing and podcasting I want to focus on here.

For some time I have wanted to do both things again, and with some regularity. While it is possible for me to pitch individual articles or bits of content to various sites, the hustle component of being a freelance writer is something that doesn't quite fit with what I want to get out of this, personally.

I'd rather not think too hard about whether or not a given article, post or bit of criticism is "sellable" at any given point, simply that I am able to publish it, and that I have a way of keeping myself to a regular schedule.

Thusly, I've decided to start a patreon. Between that and a Ko-fi account as a basic virtual tip-jar type situation, I plan to hopefully at least partly cover the time it takes me to produce a few different things. Firstly...


I'm going to write, all things being even, an article every week. It may not be a long one, but ensuring I pen something each week is the important part.

Given this is me, and my interests are quite varied, these are the kind of posts you can expect from me:

  • Gender and transition-related posts, much like my existing transition blog here
  • Historical stories, retold because I feel like it. Most likely naval or political history, and with more of a storytelling flourish than a "detailed accuracy" focus, but it seems like a good way to put my absurd brain for random trivia to use.
  • Game or film criticism. I do miss analysing the media I consume in a more formal way than ranting over a beer, so this seems like a good way to do that.

On top of that, I also plan to do something else new every few weeks...

The Expect Problems Podcast

I've had the kit to do a podcast for some time. I use it to produce the podcast for Objects in Space, and have done various podcasts in the past - and honestly, it's fun.

So, my plan is to record a podcast with an appropriate guest once every two or four weeks (not quite sure which yet, I'll see how long the editing process takes me) analysing either a film or a video game.

I've got the first two podcast episodes lined up, and I'll work backwards from there.

In Summary

The articles and the podcast will be available for free here at this shiny website, but patreon backers will get access to them first. Just how 'first' remains to be seen, but for now, you can assume a week or so.

So, if you're able to do so and interested in helping out, my patreon is now live, and for one-off tips, there's also my Ko-fi.